8MHz Node Test

I’ve resurrected the Sensor Node project and I am experimenting in reducing the power consumption even further. This time I’ve removed the 3.3v voltage regulator from the circuit and I’ve programmed the chip as an 8MHz ATmega328P running at 3.3v and with brownout detection disabled.

This should give me a considerable increase in battery life. With the chip running at 8MHz instead of 16MHz and with the circuit now able to work at voltage down to around 2.7v or lower the battery will last an extremely long time. Possibly many years.

I am currently running a test with the transmitter sending packets every second and with the sleep functions disabled. This is so I can see how low the voltage can get to before the circuit fails. I will give you an update when the test is over.


The fuse settings I added to the Arduino boards.txt file is:



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